Saanich Peninsula
Integrated Health & Wellness

Acupuncture/Chinese Medicine

Health Within - Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine
Mikiala Christie, R.TCM.P
9764 5th Street, Unit 216, Sidney, BC, V8L 2X2
PH: 250-656-2067
FX: 250-656-2067

Health Within - Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine
Dr. Jeffrey Jones, Doctor of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) 9764 5th Street, Unit 216, Sidney, BC, V8L 2X2
PH: 250-656-2067
FX: 250-656-2067

Art Therapy

Carolyn Hutchison Dip. ATh, B.A. Honors (Psychology)
Carolyn Hutchison
10360 Resthaven Drive, Sidney, BC
PH: 250-654-0170
FX: 250-654-0176


Island Hearing
Michael Stevenson M.Sc. Registered Audiologist
301-2453 Beacon Ave, Sidney, BC, V8L 1X7
PH: 250-656-5520
Toll Free: 1-800-563-HEAR (4327)
FX: 250-656-3838


Attune Restorative Therapies
Lynn Ketcheson
1892 Prosser Road Saanichton, BC, V8M 1N4
PH: 250-652-2784

Chantelle Yeo, B.H. Kin, Kinesiologist
Personal Trainer

Chantelle Yeo
Sidney, Saanich Peninsula BC
PH: 250-883-6656

Peninsula Integrative Health and Wellness Centre
Sheila Sloman
#7-7120 West Saanich Road, Brentwood Bay, BC, V8M 1P8
PH: 250-544-1807


Bentham Chiropractic Corp.
Dr. Craig Bentham
1677 Texada Terrace, North Saanich, BC
PH: 250-477-8143

Madrona Massage Therapy & Chiropractic
Dr. Mark A. Galloway
#2-2490 Bevan Avenue, Sidney, B.C.
PH/FX: 250-655-3233

Dr. Stan Marcus DC Chiropractor
PH: 250-721-9009
FX: 250-721-9008

Peninsula Family Chiropractic Inc
Dr. Mandeep Bains, Chiropractor#4 - 7816 East Saanich Road, Saanichton, BC, V8M 2B3
PH: 250-652-4347
FX: 250-652-4378

Coaching & Consulting

Radiant Self Coaching
Carolyn Crow, Life Coach
PH: 250-544-2326

The Roy Group Consulting
Anne-Marie Daniel & Ian Chisholm
9235 Pinetree Rd. North
PH: 250.656.2424
Toll-free: 1-888-656-2420

Community Services

Beacon Community Services
9860 Third Street
Sidney, BC V8L 4R2
PH: 250-656-0134
Fax: 250-655-4357

CARE Funeral Services
Bill Buckley
9787 Fourth Street, Sidney, BC V8L 2Y9
PH: 250-655-9669

Counselling, Registered

Hazel Loewen Counselling Services
Hazel Loewen MA, Registered Clinical Counsellor
#203-9775 Fourth Street, Sidney, BC, V8L 2Z8
PH: 250-216-9322

Richard Nevin Counselling Services
Richard Nevin M.Ed., Registered Clinical Counsellor, Somatic Experiencing Practioner
203 - 2377 Bevan Ave, Sidney, BC V8L 4M9
PH: 250-888-0670
PH: 250-655-0813


Bevan Ave Dental Centre Family & Implant Dentistry202-2377 Bevan Avenue Sidney, BC V8l 4M9
PH: 250-656-6464

Dr. Andrea Berardelli
102-2460 Bevan Ave. Sidney, BC V8L 5C5
PH: 250-656-9321
Fax: (250) 656-9341

Fine Dentistry
Dr. Ian Boyd
#101-9840 Fifth St. Sidney, BC V8L 2X3 
PH: 250-656-7553
FX: 778-426-3446

Donald J. Neal D.M.D
Suite 213 - 2506 Beacon Ave. Sidney, BC
PH: 250.656.4848

Sidney Centre Family Dentistry
Dr. Braun and Dr. Sollid
215-9764 Fifth Street Sidney, BC V8L 2X2
PH: 250-655-7188
Fax: 250-655-7183

Energy-Based Practices

Balanced Body Integrated Healing
Laura Good
PH: 250-896-9372

Full Circle Energy Healing
Kimmie Leslie
994 Abbey Rd. Victoria BC
PH: 250-889-5357

Strategic Network Corp.
Joan Towler
630 Senanus Drive, Saanichton, BC, V8M 1S6
PH: 250-652-4530

The Reiki Lady
Joanna Donald
903 Bradley Dyne Road, North Saanich, BC, V8L 5H1
PH/FX: 250-665-6212

Stephanie Johnston RN
8663 Forest Park Drive, North Saanich, BC, V8L 5A4
PH: 250-655-3314

Environmental Based Services and Products

Leanne Rowan
2066 Tiara Close Sannichton, BC
PH: 250-216-1686

Riverbank Design
Ryan & Susi McMillan Healthy furniture and Reclaimed wood; Natural oil
Box #20056, Sidney, BC, V8L 5C9
PH: 250-655 -0460

Eye Care

Lifetime Eyecare Centre
Dr. Mark Bourdeau - Optometrist
2379 Bevan Ave. Sidney, BC V8L 4M9
PH: 250-656-7266
FX: 250-656-8112


Don Marshall
2425 Bevan Avenue, Sidney, BC, V8L 4R7
PH: 250-656-9870
FX: 250-656-9871

McCoy Fitness & Health
Karen McCoy
10951 Boas Road, North Saanich, BC, V8L 5J1
PH: 250-655-7012
FX: 250-655-7014

Peninsula Crossfit
Meghan LeBlanc Formerly Bold Moves
12-2075 Henry Ave Sidney, BC V8L 1T2
PH: 778-426-3308

The Body Barn Fitness
Nav & Pardeep Basra
#101-2245 James White Blvd. Sidney, BC V8L 1Z5
PH: 250-655-3393
FX: 250-655-4571

Healthy Eating

Fresh Cup Roastery Cafe
Jim Townley - President
#104-1931 Mt. Newton X Rd. Saanichton, BC V8M 2A9
PH: 250-652-5678
FX: 250-652-5614

J & J's Living Raw Foods, Ltd.
Jennifer Wear/Joslynn Beischer
928 Woocreek Place, North Saanich, BC, V8L 5K4
PH: 250-652-1051
PH: 250-656-9793

Jessie's Juice Barn
Jessica Williams & Tom Williams
2380 Beacon Ave. Sidney, BC 
PH: 778.426.1606

Stonestreet Cafe & Catering
2505 Beacon Avenue, Sidney, BC V8L 1Y1
PH: 250-655-1166

7860 Wallace Dr #205 Saanichton BC, V8M 2H8
PH: 250-652-1124

Health Equipment

Canada Scooters Inc
2378B Beacon Ave, Sidney, BC V8L 1X3
PH: 250-654-0021

Shirley Gambles and Roland Ledoyen
#7-9764 Fifth Street in the Sidney Centre (beside Capital Iron)
PH: 250-656-6228
FX:  250-656-7616

Health Food Stores

Lifestyle Markets & Select Stores
Carmine Sparanese
9769 Fifth St. Sidney, BC V8L 2X1
PH: 250-656-2326
FX: 250-656-2881
Toll-free: 1-800-937-5433

Sidney Natural Foods
Caroline Geoghegan
2473 Beacon Ave. Sidney, BC V8L 1X9
PH: 250-656-4634


Inner Vision Hypnotherapy
Morgan Dhanowa CHt, RHt, B.Sc.N
6599 Wallace Drive, BC V8M 1J8
PH: 250-652-3564

Tidepool Hypnosis
Lynn D. Pritchett
Mobile & Piers Island Office
PH: 250-656-3694
Cell: 250-516-5435

Oceanside Hypnotherapy
Brigid Barner Certified Hypnotherapist
9150 Ardmore Drive, North Saanich, BC, V8L 5G4
PH: 250-516-7039

Massage Therapy, Registered

Phi Massage & Well-Being Centre
Britta Frombach RMT
Jennifer MacVicar RMT
9756 B Third Street, Sidney, BC, V8L 3A4
PH: 250-655-0515
FX: 250-655-0513
Toll Free: 1-866-655-0513

SeaChange Massage Therapy at Peninsula Naturopathic Clinic
Ming Kwan, B.Sc., RMT
#102-9725 Fourth Street, Sidney, BC, V8L 2Y8
PH: 250-655-1660
FX: 250-655-1648

Medicine, Traditional

Live Young Medical Clinic
Maureen Sweeney, M.D.
#103-9845 Resthaven Dr, Sidney, BC, V8L 3E7
PH: 250-654-0383

Naturopathic Medicine

Peninsula Naturopathic Clinic
Dr. M.J. Atkins, ND
102-9725 Fourth Street, Sidney, BC, V8L 2Y8
PH: 250-655-1660
FX: 250-655-1646

Peninsula Naturopathic Clinic
Dr. Marita Schauch, BSc. ND
Dr. Kristen Bovee, BSc, ND
Dr. Shannon Sarrisin, BSc, ND
Dena McDonald
102-9725 Fourth Street, Sidney, BC, V8L 2Y8
PH: 250-655-1660
FX: 250-655-1646


Kenyon Farms Nutrition workshops
1550 Mills Rd., Sidney, BC, V8L 5T2
PH: (604) 877-0530


Brentwood Massage & Physiotherapy Clinic
Linda Walker
6967 Wallace Drive, Brentwood Bay, BC
PH: 250-652-6515
FX: 250-652-0415

Senior Care

Sidney Senior Care
Shauna Dorko
9752 3rd Street, Sidney, BC, V8L 3A4
PH: 250-589-0010
FX: 250-656-0600


Haven Spa at The Sidney Pier Hotel
9805 Seaport Place, Sidney, BC
PH: 250-655-9797
FX: 250-655-0715
Toll-free: 1-866-659-9445

Ocean Palm Spa
207 - 2537 Beacon Avenue, Sidney, BC V8L 1Y3
(In the Cannery Building ~Sidney Waterfront Inn & Spa)
PH: 250.655.7070


H2O Zone Pure Water
Bev & Al Jung
PO Box 2729, Sidney, BC, V8L 5Y9
PH: 250-655-2030


Bikram Yoga Sidney by the Sea
Wendy Crowther
#4-2042 Mills Road West, Sidney, BC, V8L 5X2
PH: 250-655-9642

Peninsula Yoga Centre
Glenda Hingley
Jayne Jonas
Linda Larson
Marlene Miller
Nancy Searing
2243 Beacon Avenue,Mary Winspear Centre, Room 3, Sidney, BC
PH: 250-656-9493

Vanessa Braun
PH: 778-679-4004
North Saanich, Sidney, Mary Winspear Centre